Tactonic Drumpads

Drumpads is an immersive gestural interface leveraging multi-touch and pressure sensing technologies.
It is also a study in expressive, intuitive, yet, effective gestures for pressure sensing surfaces.
Drumpads is the product of a partnership with Tactonic Technologies.

Agency: Havas Worldwide
Partner: Tactonics
Role: Lead Creative Technologist
Year: 2013


At the Havas Innovation Lab we proactively looked for and partnered with other technology players. This allowed the Agency to access innovative technologies while allowing the Lab to access and evaluate ‘new toys to play’ and develop novel interactions and experiences.

Tactonic was one of such partners: we had early access to their technology and created a playful experience to demonstrate the capabilities of  their pressure sensing tiles.


Drumpads demonstrated not only the pressure sensing capabilities but also the technology potential for gestural interaction in a playfull and uncompromised manner.

We explored  expressive and rich gestures through a very simple vocabulary. Each gesture was driven by a strong inspiration from the real world material qualities and behaviours.
i.e. Simply drawing a circle creates a pad; dragging it outside of the surface, deletes it.

Pairing the surface with a mapped projection allowed us to create a blended audiovisual experience.