Thought Leadership

Tango Territories

A go-to document for Creative teams to reveal and demonstrate ATAP’s Project Tango Augmented and Mixed Reality capabilities and its creative potential for Brands.

 The goal was to demystify 
the technology through tangible experiences and inspirational building blocks for creative ideation.

Prototaping with Jacquard

Jacquard is a special technology framework from Google ATAP that enables connectivity and interactivity in apparel. Alongside the Project Jacquard team, we developed a series of workshops with potential partners to demystify the technology and reveal insight-driven opportunities for collaboration.

Havas x Intel

Part of the Havas Innovation Lab’s role is to spark change and foster cultural change. As part of that remit, the Lab established a collaboration protocol with Intel’s Perceptual Computing Group: We were early in the access and experimentation with their multimodal SDK inclusive of hand and face tracking, voice recognition and depth-sensing. One high point of our collaboration was the Perceptual Computing Hackathon: For two days Intel’s Perceptual Computing team joined the agency creative technology team and guests in a Hackathon to explore RealSense technology and create new interactive experiences using Natural User Interfaces.

Havas x LittleBits

Part of the Havas Innovation Lab’s role is to spark change and foster cultural change at the Agency by pushing for innovation and creativity. The Lab collaborated with LittleBits and created a unique workshop using their technology as tools and toys to demystify technology, inspire and – more importantly!- to create.