Moving Words

For the 2014 Chicago Marathon, Mutual Liberty tasked Havas with making sure that every runner would feel supported.
Through RFID, Social Media and large displays we were able to create a realtime dialogue and letting friends and family be closer and encourage the runners when they most needed.

Client: Mutual Liberty
Role: Lead Creative Technology
Agency: Havas Worldwide
Year: 2014
Awards: Cannes Lions 2015, Bronze Creative Data - Social Data 

01. Our Process

Social media was top of mind and allowed us to easily connect runners with their supporters but we were still missing something…

In a word, we were missing the moment(s).
While social media allowed us to easily connect runners and their supporters the connection wasn’t always in the relevant time: The moment where runners need the most support is during the race itself.

Looking at Technology

We looked into the existing RFID technology infrastructure with fresh eyes and hands-on poking: in no time we could know when each runner crossed each RFID checkpoint.

in new ways

With a little bit of math and creativity, we now had an understanding of each runner' s location and speed.

02. The Lab

This was one of the Lab’s favourite projects as it allowed us to exercise our specialities in technology and data with a creative eye in the discovery phase, but also having pushing those early concepts and help drive the idea from concept to execution.

My roles in this project went from leading the discovery phase and prototyping to managing the Creative Technology team devoted to the project.