Product Innovation

Tower of Faces

Since the founding of the museum 30 years ago, visitors to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum have been captivated by the photographs of ordinary people in the Tower of Faces gallery. Hundreds of portraits depict family life, celebrations, and friendships in a small town. Almost all of the Jewish townspeople were murdered by Nazi German perpetrators and their local helpers in the span of a few days. How could augmented reality help give museum visitors insight into the lives and fates of this community?

Prototaping with Jacquard

Jacquard is a special technology framework from Google ATAP that enables connectivity and interactivity in apparel. Alongside the Project Jacquard team, we developed a series of workshops with potential partners to demystify the technology and reveal insight-driven opportunities for collaboration.

Project Shelf

A user-first mobile shopping assistant that leverages Google technologies like Machine Learning and Physical Web to address changes in consumer behaviours and provide a personalized and seamless experience. Created as independent modules each component can work independently or leveraged in a tightly knit and symbiotic ecosystem.


Super-* is a platform answering the calls from Brands and Users for interactivity on video platforms. It expands the interactivity potential on YouTube and video through Augmented Reality and Second Screen experiences.

Tactonic Drumpads

Drumpads is an immersive gestural interface leveraging multi-touch and pressure sensing technologies. It is also a study in expressive, intuitive, yet, effective gestures for pressure sensing surfaces. Drumpads is the product of a partnership with Tactonic Technologies.