Tango Territories

A go-to document for Creative teams to reveal and demonstrate ATAP’s Project Tango Augmented and Mixed Reality capabilities and its creative potential for Brands.

 The goal was to demystify 
the technology through tangible experiences and inspirational building blocks for creative ideation.

Made at: Google / The ZOO
Client: Google ATAP - Project Tango
Year: 2015
Role: Lead, Research, Creative Direction

Seeing the invisible

Navigate around a product and use the tablet as a window to demonstrate its core technologies through overlaid animation and dynamic visualizations.

e.g. Sneakers can have their materials and technologies demo’ed through overlaid animations.

e.g. Looking into a car and seeing its engineering and under the hood working.

Space as a canvas

If you can ‘read’ space you can also write to space.
Users can not only see customized content in space but also use the space as a canvas to create and leave their own marks.

e.g. Imagine leaving product reviews literally attached to the product in the retail space.