Lays’ Smiles

Frito-Lays asked us to amplify their Smiles Campaign in partnership with Operation Smiles, which provides surgeries to children suffering from cleft lip or cleft palate. Lays donate to Operation Smile through proceeds from sales of its campaign packaging.
And then we discovered that 95% of surveyed Lays consumers would smile more if they knew it could brighten someone’s day!

So, we created an experience that would allow everyone to share their smiles with a Lays package (real or virtual). And because their smiles should also be celebrated we rewarded them with moments of joy and humour on YouTube to energize their day.

Client: Frito Lays
Made at: Google BrandUnit
Role: Lead Creative Technology
Year: 2018

Share a Smile to give a Smile.

We created an AR engine using TensorFlow’s Machine Learning power to recognize every Lays package so it could automatically capture a selfie of your smile when you posed with it. If you didn’t have a package it would track your face and add one.

Smiles are contagious, so we compiled the users selfies and sequenced them in self-generated YouTube ads to spread the word about the campaign.

Along with being the Creative Director’s partner, I led the technology ecossytem design and managed its execution.
It was exciting to create and launch a first-to-market self-fed ads/media ecosystem and for the best reason: making lives better.