looop-r is the second generation of a hardware-software hybrid interface for live visual expression (see previous iteration: Loop-R ).
The objective of this project was to create an intuitive and responsive interface for live visual performances using off-the-shelf components and ‘mis-used’ technology.

GUI and physical controls are merged into one interface taking advantage of the best each has to offer and combine them using natural mappings and spatial organization.
Actions have direct access controls (with no intermediate menus!) and an appropriate gestures are allowed by matching their nature with the sensor’s affordances and constraints.
While encompassing a huge range of control and possibilities of media manipulation the interface keeps its simplicity and can be quickly (and literally!) grasped.

looop-r platform is currently running two software versions : VJ and A+V (AudioVisual). A+V version includes all features plus a 4 step mini sequencer!
The looop-r A+V version interface was for dual_blur AV performances.

Looop-r and Loop-R were presented and their research paper was published at NIME ’07 Conference in New York and at ACE ’08 (Advances in Computer Entertainment) Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

Also a hands on video demo is featured at GearWire.

below are some photos of the finished interface:

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