pimbaKalimba is an audiovisual instrument to be played with your thumbs!

Pimbakalimba allows you to immerse yourself in a world of exquisite sound and visuals through its playful and natural interface. Hold your iphone with both hands and play with your thumbs!

The sounds were designed to be eminently playable and harmonious, with the springy metal feel of a real kalimba in mind, but also with an added element of unpredictability and interest. Use it as a solo instrument, or for playing along with your friends or to your favorite records.

pimbaKalimba was inspired by the interaction with the traditional african instrument mbira / Kalimba (aka. thumb piano) and it was specially designed for iphone and multitouch interaction (you can also try the ipad version!).

pimbaKalimba was developed as a collaboration between Rux and WombLabs.

get it on the iTunes store now!


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