Loop-R is a real-time video performance tool based in the exploration of low-tech, used technology and human factors research.
With this tool I tried using existing and mistreated technology in innovative ways, combining concepts and interfaces: merging segregated interfaces (GUI and physical devices) into one.
This way hardware and software blend themselves into one new interface taking advantage of the best of both worlds to provide free control of video-loops as an expressive hybrid tool.

Features include:

  • direct access to video loops through their thumbnails,
  • physical controllers for in-out edit points,
  • speed and direction in one control,
  • dedicated controllers effect parameters,
  • automation of effect parameters through oscillators,
  • video deck routing (wet and/ or dry),
  • 7 mix modes including luma and chroma key with 2d map color picker,
  • tap tempo

  • To know more about this project and the story behind it feel free to read the interview at VJKungFu (portal for DIY video artists).

    Loop-R and its second iteration looop-r were presented and their research paper was published at NIME ’07 Conference in New York and at ACE ’08 (Advances in Computer Entertainment) Conference in Yokohama, Japan.

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