PingerPanger is an experiment on expressive gestures and interaction with space and media. As an ongoing research this project intends to create a set of gestures that are simple and direct to the action they represent in order to create interactivity in space. The user will be able to create an additional interactive layer to the involving space by creating structures and dynamic bodies from gestures. Currently the user is able to create two types of objects (both types to be expanded in the future): rigid structures (functioning as real walls for the virtual objects) and dynamic bodies (which will interact with the rigid structures) and delete these same structures.


The gestures used try to be natural and are based on combinations of triggers with the non-dominant hand and main motions (drawing) with the dominant hand. At a first try I tried to define the gestures based on different types of cues which trigger the beginning or end of gesture’s and its type: while the non-dominant hand (left in my case) is used as a gesture trigger, sequentially the dominant hand can produce the more expressive gesture – the creative gesture.

PingerPanger was presented on Art && Code 3D Conference at Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh.

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