Prototaping with Jacquard

Jacquard is a special technology framework from Google ATAP that enables connectivity and interactivity in apparel.

Alongside the Project Jacquard team, we developed a series of workshops with potential partners to demystify the technology and reveal insight-driven opportunities for collaboration.

Made at: Google / The ZOO
Client: Ralph Lauren, Cintas, PVH
Year: 2017
Role: Vision, Lead Creative Technology, Facilitation

Technology, Data, Insights and a lot of colored tape

Jacquard is a software/hardware platform that empowers the apparel and accessory industry to create connected products that provide customers with digital services on-the-go. Furthermore, Jacquard aims to preserve the authenticity, beauty, craft, material, quality and use of physical objects; not turn them into the gadgets.

With Jacquards design principles in mind and a bag full of insights, tech savviness and a lot of color tape we created a program that took potential partners through quick exercises that created awareness and understanding of the technology and its implications but also it’s potential to make our lives easier, better.

Clients included: Ralph Lauren, PVH, Cintas