House of Walker Tasting Tables

For its 2014 House of Walker events, Jonnhie Walker tasked the Lab with augmenting the tasting experiences at the House of Walker events.
We created a multisensorial environment augmenting the tasting ceremony from within its most basic element: the tasting table.

Made at: Havas Worldwide
Client: Johnnie Walker
Role: Lead Creative Technologist
Year: 2014

We brought to life the whisky flavours and aromas ‘pairing’ them with rich visuals and animations, elevating the Master of ceremonies storytelling.
We also gave a second purpose to the tasting station and its physical artefacts by making them interactive: we could assist the participants in their tasting experience but also allow them to share their experience with the world directly from their seat.

The Lab set up a multidisciplinary team of creative technologists, animators and fabricators to produce two tables: each with a seamless interactive surface controlled by the MC but also supporting an interactive physical station for each of the 24 participants.

I was involved in co-managing the Lab team, drove the discovery phase and lead the development for the video synchronization engine sofware and hardware.