What’s in a name?

Coca-Cola partnered with Google for an extension of its ‘What’s in a name’ campaign. We approached this brief with a direct and almost literal answer to its ask:

What stories can a name tell? What meanings can it have in popular culture? What are its fact, statistics and myths? We decided to offer each and every Coca-Cola drinker a magic opportunity to reveal what’s in their name.

Made at: Google / The ZOO
Client: Coca-Cola
Role: Creative Technology Lead
Year: 2015

Data and Stories

We brought in Google’s savyness in understanding data and decided to scrape the internet for name-related data sources. Based on the collected and curated information, we created a custom generative engine to create unique visualizations for each name : literally showing what’s in your name.

In this project, I worked in tandem with the Creative Director in the project’s brainstorms. I was also responsible for the data and technology stack research, design and prototyping. After the project was green-lit, I worked closely with the external production partners, coordinating and managing the projects’ development and execution.