Super-* is a platform answering the calls from Brands and Users for interactivity on video platforms.
It expands the interactivity potential on YouTube and video through Augmented Reality and Second Screen experiences.

Client: Google / YouTube
Agency: Google BrandUnit
Year: 2017
Role: Lead Strategy, Creative Direction / Technology

01. Insights

Brands & Creators crave an outlet for more innovative storytelling

Brands are eager to explore new types of interaction and narrative forms on YouTube but don’t know how now that YouTube Gadgets have been discontinued.

92% of video marketers who’ve tried interactive video, reported that they’ve found it to be an effective tool for their business.1

Brands are hesitant on moving experiences out of the portal as they want to be where the audience is.

Second screen is a second nature

Smartphone is the most frequent companion device scoring 57%.
This trend is even stronger on millenials: 74% use a combination of TV/smartphones during viewing.1

84% of smartphone and tablet owners use their devices as a second screen while they watch:
12% of them are reading discussions about TV shows on social media
29% are searching for show-related information.2

“Second-screen searchers present a huge opportunity for marketers. These people aren't passively following a conversation; they're leaning forward—looking for more information, learning, and taking action”

Google Consumer Surveys, U.S., May 2015

02. Opportunity

Create a second screen experience for YouTube on desktop and TV that empowers users to interact with the main screen content in complementary and richer ways.

Enter Super-*

03. Super-*

An Augmented Reality platform for YouTube content.

It expands the storytelling and interactive potential of YouTube by creating a synchronous connection between primary displays and secondary devices.

Super-* brings together  AR and Image Recognition technologies to create unprecedented interactions with YouTube, allowing Youtube or other Video based content to bleed into the real world.

Super-* has 3 different modes supporting a wide range of creative approaches and business challenges.


Literally breaking the fourth wall.


Revealing hidden layers.


A content companion.


Bring the narrative from the screen into your world, literally breaking the fourth wall.
Add sound and haptics to connect the content even further with the real word.

E.g. moments in the story can become games and multiplayer adventures

E.g. characters in the video can interact directly with the viewers


A content companion

Imagine a partner on your side when you need, always providing contextual information relevant to what you’re watching.

E.g. Reveal product information as they’re shown in the video.


Revealing hidden layers

Imagine having a lens to reveal hidden layers of the story.
Use the second screen as a magic lens allowing to see superimposed content on the YouTube video.

E.g. Reveal hidden speech bubbles and dialogues.

E.g. Hide Promo codes and secret content throughout a video

04. Creative Scalable Solutions

Super-* as a creative and technology platform and can be leveraged by a number of different sectors through Vertical aligned, scalable solutions.


Imagine an ad where the car drives from the road into your room and gives you the chance to explore its features, look around it and see it close. And it’s interactive so you can previsualize new configurations and personalizations.

Consumer Packaged Goods

While watching a video review of a product on YouTube you get a call to action and a character from the video literally hands you a coupon to try and test the new product yourself.