TüISt is an emotionally driven multi-mode musical interface for ‘super-star’ wannabe’s incapable of playing musical instruments.
TüISt is an emotionally driven interface taking on our inner desires and fantasies of instantaneously becoming superstars and on our instinctive imitation of the musical performers gestures as expressions of sounds.It is a multi-instrument minimal interface featuring multi-track gesture recording/ playback allowing for ‘one-man-band’ performances.
Its three different instrument modes can be automatically selected by positioning TüISt in a natural and similar position to its inspired instrument not requiring any any physical transformation or button activation.

TüISt was presented and its research published at ACE ’08 (Advances in Computer Entertainment) Conference in Yokohama, Japan and at the HCI 2009 Conference in Cambridge, UK.

To learn more about the story behind TüISt check its feature at GearWire

the graphics below represent the basic interactions for the automatic position detection system and also the loop recorder/player interaction schematics:

some pictures of TüISt in action:

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